Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Thoughts On Bulletstorm

Good morning to everyone in internet land! A new video game came out on the 22nd in the US (and today for anyone in EU) made by People Can Fly and EA Games. Bulletstorm is an intense 1st person shooter for all major gaming platform including the PC. Personally, I think that first person shooters are far too overdone; I mean, how many different kinds of guns and types of bad guys are there really before the games start to repeat themselves? You know no one plays these games for the campaign mode, it's all about the online play. So why do we waste our money on very similar games? Because we love it. This game actually looks pretty cool, but I'm in no real rush to go purchase it.


  1. I've heard some good things about this game, but I doubt I'll buy it.

  2. Heard about it to, looks peachy. Great call dude.

  3. from what I've seen on the looks like a fps where you have special powers. doesn't look like something I would typically play. I'll stick to the COD franchise thank you very much.