Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Shameless Plug

I must admit, when I found out that no one knew who Big Nose the Caveman was, I was a little bummed. I thought at least one of my followers would know this game, but this was not the case. After some soul searching (which appropriately equals 900 mL of J&B), I realized most of my brethren are actually college students. Which means I've got at least...well, some years on most of you.

So, I've decided to use this particular blog post to make it up to the community. This post has nothing to do with video games, rather, it deals with the pain that is your college or work network. The network that you are forced to use for the majority of your day does not allow you to go to most of your beloved websites. The network you're chained to blocks such sites as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and anything else not work related. Should you bow down to these restrictions??? HELL NO! And why not? Because YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!

I am providing a free proxy server for all my followers...(and the rest of the world). If you need to get around a firewall to browse sites that have been banned by your IT department, or just don't want your IP logged by any website that you visit, please feel free to use the proxy site that I've created:, go ahead and use it at your will. Please $upport it, and tell your friends.

Free Surf is a project that I just started today, I'd like to place a different proxy server in each of the 50 states in the US. I feel that it would be a great value to be able to pick where your proxy is located.  Please spread the word so that I can make this goal happen quickly! Thanks!

Also, for those of you looking for one of my usual posts, don't worry. I'll have another great video-game related post up sometime tomorrow!


  1. interesting. thanks for the post

  2. Thx, you can't have enough proxies nowadays

  3. Shamless plug is super effective! Just being supportive :)

  4. following and $upporting

    your best friend

  5. You're a bad ass, haha. I like this idea.

  6. Great post! Keep up the good blogging it will eventually pay off!